Four annual markets take place in Visp through the year, with a range of themes. The traditional ram showing takes place during the Ram Market at the Sepp Blatter school house, where visitors can view the splendid animals. The weekly Pürumärt (farmers’ market) on the Visp Kaufplatz (market square) invites visitors to discover regional products and spend time with friends.

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Visper Pürumärt (Farmers’ Market)

every Friday

Friday evening meet-up

On Friday, April 30, 1999, Visper Pürumärt took place for the first time as one of the first “products” of Visper local marketing. The Pürumärt has since developed into a regular Visper event known throughout Upper Valais and has become, in addition to an attractive platform for the sale of local products, a popular Friday evening gathering for young and old. Since the opening of the NEAT, German-speaking Swiss are also increasingly present on the market.

Fresh product range

The interest in Pürumärt on the part of the suppliers has not decreased either. In recent years, new stands have been acquired and the product range has been expanded. The direct distribution of the products guarantees a high level of quality and makes the "freshness from the farm" really come to life. At many stands, customers will find products that are not available in stores.

Ideal platform

In recent years, however, the Visper Pürmärt has also proved to be an ideal platform for groups, associations, parties and other organisations to present themselves. Many musical formations have also found an attractive opportunity to perform at the Pürumärt in order to entertain a large audience or to advertise on their own behalf.

Autumn market (goods market) (Kopie)

Wednesday, 27 September 2023

Martinimarket (goods market) (Kopie)

Wednesday, 8 November 2023