What to do in case of Births, Deaths and Marriages

Births, deaths and marriages are all part of life. This page will help you manage the appropriate event.

What do I do when?


Home births are to be registered at the registry office of the place of birth by the family or midwife within three days. For hospital births, registration is by the corresponding hospital. The hospital administration will require your family book / family ID for this. Foreign parents without a Swiss family book and/or family ID must bring various documents with them. Inform the registry office at the child’s place of birth.


For marriages, reserve an appointment by telephone at the registry office performing the ceremony. The application form for the preparation for marriage can be submitted at the registry office at the residence of either the bride or groom. You must submit various supporting documents together with the application. You can find information at the responsible registry office.


If the doctor has determined death, inform the intended funeral parlour that will take care of the body. If death occurs in a hospital or (aged) care facility, the doctor's death certificate will be forwarded directly to the registry office. If the person has died at home, the family will receive the death certificate from the doctor. So as not to burden the family, an undertaker selected by the family with power of attorney will notify the registry office of the death. The death will be entered into the family book and/or a new family ID issued. The registry office where the death occurred will officially notify the municipality of residence of the deceased. The cantonal authorities and the AHV (OASI) will also receive notification. Family members may request death certificates for further requirements. Inheritance certificates are issued by the office of the municipal judge.

Civil Registry Visp

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