Power supply in Visp

Following a decision by the original assembly, the municipality transferred the concession for the electricity supply of Visp to VED Visp Energie Dienste AG, founded in partnership with EnAlpin AG, by contract dated 22 December 2003.

Since 1 January 2004, this company, in which the municipality of Visp still holds a 51.4 % stake, has been supplying electricity reliably and cheaply throughout the municipality. Since 2005, the neighbouring communities of Ausserberg, Baltschieder, Eggerberg and Lalden have also been members of VED; in 2014, the merger with the EV companies from Bürchen and Niedergesteln took place. The management and operation of VED are competently ensured by EnAlpin AG.

VED Visp Energie Dienste AG

VED Visp Energie Dienste AG
c/o EnAlpin AG
Bahnhofplatz 1 b
CH - 3930 Visp