The Municipality of Visp provides a wide range of childcare services with the “Spillchischta” (Toy Box) day care centre, the “Spatzuhüs” (Sparrow House) nursery and play group as well as the “Ischbär” (Polar Bear) nursery.

Spillchischta (Toy Box)

Childcare in Visp

The services of the Spillchischta are oriented primarily to reconciling family and work and are available for children aged three months to the end of primary school.

“Spillchischta” Childcare Wichelgasse 16 3930 Visp Telephone: 027 946 64 94…

Spatzuhüs” (Sparrow House)

The Spatzuhüs offers after-school care for pupils (ABES) as well as regular and spontaneous after-school care. Furthermore playgroups and forest playgroups are offered.


“Ischbär” (Polar Bear)

Day nursery with bouncy castle, lots of exercise and fun (also possible by the hour)

On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, the children can make their first social contacts in the after-school care centre under the supervision of trained early childhood

Opening hours