Spillchischta (Toy Box)

Childcare in Visp

The services of the Spillchischta are oriented primarily to reconciling family and work and are available for children aged three months to the end of primary school.

The Spillchischta offers the people of Visp (and surrounding communities on agreement) the childcare services listed below to assist the family.

“Spillchischta” Childcare

Wichelgasse 16
3930 Visp
Telephone: 027 946 64 94

Day care centre (Kita)

All-day childcare for children aged three months to kindergarten entry.

The kita prioritises children from working parents resident in Visp. A place is only definitively reserved when we have received a completed registration form and contract

Children who visit our day care centre (kita), do so for at least one whole day per week. These whole days are reserved and should be used regularly. Sick children…

Open Day School Structures

Family and school supplementary care for kindergarten children and primary school pupils (1H to 8H)

The open day school structures are a joint project of the Visper schools and the Spillchischta day care centre.

Every Visper school child attends compulsory schooling. The organisation is the responsibility of the school directorate Visp. Outside school hours, kindergarten and primary…

Childcare centre

Regular care for children from two years of age up to the start of kindergarten

In the kindergarten people play, work with different materials, sing, paint, knead, make music and tell stories. Playful experience, pleasure-oriented experimentation, joint

We give preference to families residing in Visp when admitting children to the kindergarten. A fixed half-day can be reserved and should be used regularly. If a child does…

Pedagogical mission statement

Spillchischta is an institution for external family and school childcare. It offers children a play, learning and living space. Parents have the opportunity to combine family…

Historical Review

The history of Spillchischta begins in the spring of 1989 with a diploma thesis. As part of this work, it was clarified whether there is a need for external supplementary…