Childcare centre

Regular care for children from two years of age up to the start of kindergarten

In the kindergarten people play, work with different materials, sing, paint, knead, make music and tell stories. Playful experience, pleasure-oriented experimentation, joint action are at the heart of all activities.

We give preference to families residing in Visp when admitting children to the kindergarten. A fixed half-day can be reserved and should be used regularly. If a child does not come to the day care centre on a reserved half-day, it must be registered with the caregiver as early as possible. Childcare places cannot be pre-booked for an extended period of time, registrations are only possible when the child is two years old.

To visit the nursery, the children need slippers or non-slip socks and clothes in which they can play and craft carefree. Snacks are included in the price.

The amount is paid at the time of delivery and is only due if the child attends the day care centre. If a tax confirmation is required, subscriptions of 10 visits are required. These can be used as evidence.

Membership in the sponsoring association Spillchishta is obligatory for all parents and costs Fr. 30. 00 a year. This does not automatically expire if a child leaves Spillchishta and must be terminated.

Care tariffs

2 years until kindergarten entry

Tariff Childcare centre
Half-day Prices
Morning Fr. 22.-

Good to know

Snacks are included in the price. The amount is paid in cash or with subscription (tax confirmation). (Subscription of 10 visits) Sibling discounts: 2nd child 20% - 3rd child 50%