Historical Review

The history of Spillchischta begins in the spring of 1989 with a diploma thesis. As part of this work, it was clarified whether there is a need for external supplementary childcare in Visp. The result of this survey showed that 80% of respondents were in favour of such an offer.

After the development of the care concept and the raising of funds, the sponsoring association Spillchischta was founded. The Canton of Valais granted the association the operating licence and on 1 December 1990 Spillchishta opened its doors for the first time in the old Spittel village of Visp. From the beginning, Spillchishta has been able to count on the generous financial support of the municipality of Visp, the Lonza and on the contributions of many private individuals and small entrepreneurs.

In addition to the loving and professional childcare, the board and the team were also very important to the public relations work. As a result, the care offered was brought closer to the population and the income from these events also helped to create a sound financial basis. One of these projects was and still is Spillchischtafäscht. Thanks to the help of many dedicated men and women, this festival has been held every two to three years since 1993. Young and old from all over Upper Valais look forward to the colourful hustle and bustle on the Visper shopping area, which is decorated with a lot of effort and love according to the respective moto.

In 1997 the premises in the old Spittel became too small and Spillchishta moved for the first time. Once again, the daycare centre was able to count on the generous support of Lonza, who provided part of the new premises.

In the years to come, Spillchishta’s childcare services were constantly expanded and adapted to the parents’ needs. In the course of time, a daycare centre, various playgroups, a lunch table with after-school care for kindergarten children and primary school pupils, and a group for infants in the daycare centre were opened. In 2002 a kite leader was hired for the first time. Up to this point, the Co-presidium of the board of the sponsoring association has led Spillchishta with great dedication and volunteer work.

Since the first lesson, the Spillchishta is accompanied by Mrs. Helena Mooser Theler. First as a mother of two children and later as a municipal councillor and grand councillor, Helena worked with a lot of heart, commitment and perseverance for the areas of complementary childcare. In 2008, the municipality of Visp converted a former schoolhouse into a large, colourful children's home and Spillchishta was able to move into this house on time when they reached the age of majority. This move has fulfilled the vision of Helena Mooser Theler – everything under one roof. The Spillchishta is able to look after up to 80 children under this roof and offers the population of Visp and the surrounding municipalities various services in the field of family and extra-school childcare.

In the summer of 2012, Spillchishta responded to the increasing demand for childcare places for infants and young children. At La Posteplatz, another group for ten Chrabbel children was opened. The aim is that this group will also move into the Spillchischtahaus in the tree gardens. However, it is first necessary to observe the development of demand for childcare places. With the opening of more day-care centres in Upper Valais and the enrolment of four-year-olds in kindergarten, this is difficult to estimate at the moment.

In recent years, the number of children in open day schools has also increased dramatically. For this reason, the municipality of Visp has provided us with a container facility for the care of a second group of 24 schoolchildren on the rest area in front of Spillchishta. We were able to purchase these at the end of August 2015. In order to meet the need for care for lunch and after-school care from August 2017, we have opened another group for ten school children in the premises of the kindergarten. In addition, for the school year 2018/2019, another provisional group of 12 children will start for lunch and after-school care in the schoolhouse Baumgärten next to Spillchischta.

In the spring of 2020, the media centre moved and the municipality of Visp rebuilt the free premises and made them available to Spillchishta. This expansion made it possible to expand the offer in all age groups and to abolish the temporary lunch table and after-school care. Since August 2020, Spillchishta has offered 66 day-care places for infants and young children in six groups and 72 day-care places for kindergarten and primary school children in three groups.

For the school year 2021/20 the lunch table is already fully booked again and the school grants the Spillchischta another guest right in the Baumgärten school building. There, the Spillchischta can offer 12 additional lunch places for primary school children. In order to be able to continue to cover the need for care at the lunch table, this offer will be expanded to 18 places from August 2022. The Spillchischta will then offer a total of 90 childcare places for kindergarten and primary school children.

Already two years after the last expansion of the daycare places, a further expansion of the daycare places is necessary. The municipality of Visp is renovating the former caretaker's house on the Baumgärten school grounds for the Spillchischta. In May/June 2022, one toddler and one infant group can be opened there. The Spillchischta now offers 88 pre-school places in four groups each for infants and toddlers.

Today, the Spillchischta is a medium-sized enterprise and employs about 60 people. It offers young people the opportunity for social internships and is a training centre for childcare professionals. The various childcare services are very well used and enjoy great popularity. When the Spillchischta opened its doors in the old Spittel, no one would have dared to dream of this.