Open Day School Structures

Family and school supplementary care for kindergarten children and primary school pupils (1H to 8H)

The open day school structures are a joint project of the Visper schools and the Spillchischta day care centre.

Every Visper school child attends compulsory schooling. The organisation is the responsibility of the school directorate Visp. Outside school hours, kindergarten and primary school children can benefit from Spillchishta.

The open day school facilities enable working parents to have their children looked after during non-school hours during the day. The offer is aimed at kindergarten and primary school children. They are cared for lovingly and competently by tutors with teacher training, co-teachers, childcare specialists in apprenticeship and interns.

The children attend the classes of the public school. This is complemented by a voluntary, family- and school-based care service offered by Spillchishta. Primary students have the opportunity to do their homework independently in the afternoon after school. The responsibility for the complete completion of the homework and the school performance of the children rests with the parents.

The responsibility for the way to school and the way to Spillchishta lies with the parents. The children go independently from place to place.

It is important to us that the children are able to use their time in Spillchishta as leisure time and to organize it as such. The range of games and activities is varied and adapted to the different ages of the children. The meals together promote social contacts and help the children to enjoy the food joyfully. We attach great importance to a varied and healthy diet.

Except during the summer holidays and during Christmas/New Year, the services are open during the school holidays. During this time we offer the children a varied and exciting holiday program. We look forward to spending varied and carefree holidays with them.

In the open day-school structures, children of working parents residing in Visp are mainly accommodated. The definitive seat reservation is valid only after we have received a registration form filled out and signed by the parents, a signed contract and a signed confirmation of the day care.

Children who attend Spillchishta during school weeks do so for at least one offer* per week. These offers are reserved and should be used regularly. Children must be registered separately and on a compulsory basis for the non-school weeks.

*Pre-school care, lunch table, after-school care, half day without lunch, half day with lunch, all day

Sick children and children with contagious diseases are not allowed to visit Spillchishta and must be checked out by 8 a. m. at the latest. Contagious diseases and their suspicions must be reported. If a child falls ill in Spillchishta, the parents are immediately informed and asked to pick up the sick child. This is necessary for the well-being of the sick child and to prevent the other children from becoming infected.

The teacher must always be informed of the absence of a child by telephone. If a child does not come to Spillchishta due to illness, extra holidays or for other reasons, the full childcare fee must be paid.

If a child leaves Spillchishta, three months' notice shall be given for the child's withdrawal from the Spillchishta. Membership in the sponsoring association Spillchischa is obligatory for all parents and costs Fr. 30. 00 a year. This does not automatically expire if a child leaves Spillchishta and must be terminated.

The tariff is calculated on the basis of the parents' net taxable income and is divided into six tariff levels. Residents of municipalities without agreement with Spillchishta, pay tariff level 6.

Childcare tariffs

Supplementary schooling

Tariffs open day school structures


Tariff Pre-school care
6.30 - 8.00
11.30 - 13.30
After-school care
16.00 - 18.30
Whole day
Tariff 1 bis Fr. 35 000.- Fr. 5.- Fr. 13.- Fr. 7.- Fr. 20.-
Tariff 2 bis Fr. 55 000.- Fr. 5.- Fr. 16.- Fr. 9.- Fr. 25.-
Tariff 3 bis Fr. 75 000.- Fr. 6.- Fr. 18.- Fr. 11.- Fr. 30.-
Tariff 4 bis Fr. 90 000.- Fr. 6.- Fr. 20.- Fr. 13.- Fr. 35.-
Tariff 5 bis Fr. 105 000.- Fr. 7.- Fr. 22.- Fr. 15.- Fr. 40.-
Tariff 6 ab Fr. 105 000.- Fr. 7.- Fr. 24.- Fr. 17.- Fr. 45.-

Good to know

Meals are included in the price. Sibling discounts: 2nd child 20% - 3rd child 50%

Supplementary family care

Tariffs open day school structures
Tariff Half day
without lunch
Half day
with lunch
Whole day
Tariff 1 bis Fr. 35 000.- Fr. 15.- Fr. 20.- Fr. 27.-
Tariff 2 bis Fr. 55 000.- Fr. 20.- Fr. 25.- Fr. 37.-
Tariff 3 bis Fr. 75 000.- Fr. 25.- Fr. 30.- Fr. 47.-
Tariff 4 bis Fr. 90 000.- Fr. 30.- Fr. 35.- Fr. 57.-
Tariff 5 bis Fr. 105 000.- Fr. 35.- Fr. 40.- Fr. 67.-
Tariff 6 ab Fr. 105 000.- Fr. 40.- Fr. 45.- Fr. 77.-

Good to know

Half day without lunch: 6. 30 - 12. 00 hrs / 13. 00 - 18. 30 hrs - Half day with lunch: 6. 30 - 13. 30 hrs / 11. 30 - 18. 30 hrs - Full day 6. 30 - 18. 30 hrs. Meals are included in the price. Sibling discounts: 2nd child 20% - 3rd child 50%