Pedagogical mission statement

Spillchischta is an institution for external family and school childcare. It offers children a play, learning and living space. Parents have the opportunity to combine family and professional life. They are informed, supported and supported in educational matters.

First and foremost, we want the children to feel comfortable with us. In order for them to be able to do so, they are looked after carefully, lovingly and competently by us. We offer children a pleasant environment, take them seriously and give them security, care and confidence. The rooms are adapted to the different age groups and the play and social behaviour of the children. Play means learning and is an important basic need of every child.

Through a structured daily routine with fixed points of orientation such as meals, rituals and bedtime, we create a clear framework for the children. This gives them the opportunity to orient themselves better in the daily routine. This conveys a sense of security and safety.

Kindergarten and primary school children can arrange the time outside school according to their needs: recreation, play and crafts together or play outside.

We value a varied and healthy diet. Eating together makes it possible for the children to develop a sense of belonging, to establish contacts and to enjoy the meal with pleasure.

The children are cared for by pedagogically trained professionals. These are supported by co-educators, trainees or interns. In addition to the parents, their most important reference persons, the child also builds a relationship with the educators. It is important to us that parents and carers inform each other. For the good of the child, a communicative, respectful and honest cooperation is important, so that a common path can be followed.

The main responsibility for the upbringing and development of the child rests with the parents.