Important Phone Numbers

for emergencies

An emergency catches most people unprepared. When it actually happens, it is important to have the telephone numbers of the relevant office to hand and not to have to consider who the right contact person might be.

The Most Important Numbers

144 ➜ Emergencies

117 ➜ Police

118 ➜ Fire

145 ➜ Poisons (

143 ➜ The Helping Hand

In each emergency call, remember:

Keep calm and let the operator guide the call. You can answer the following questions for yourself to prepare for the call:

  • Who is calling? (Name, location, phone number)
  • Where has it happened? (Incident location, address)
  • What has happened? (Description of the incident, traffic accident, fire, accident at home, etc.)
  • How many injured / victims are there? (Number of people affected, their situations and the injuries)
  • Wait for further clarifying questions. Only end the emergency call when told to do so.


Location of Defibrillators in Visp

The fast availability of safe and user-friendly defibrillators can raise the chance of survival for a sudden cardiac arrest from 5% to over 70%. The Municipality of Visp thus wants the community to know the location of the AEDs in Visp to provide effective help in an emergency.

Did you already know?

These are both publicly accessible devices as well as defibrillators owned by companies that are made available for use by the public in an emergency to save lives.

Have you bought a defibrillator?

When a new device is acquired, we ask the relevant company to inform the Visp Regional Fire Brigade of its location. This helps to guarantee that our information is always up-to-date. If you have any questions, please contact Staff Officer Christian Pfaffen of the Visp Regional Fire Brigade ( at any time.