School & Education

Obligatory Schooling

Where do the children of Visp go to school?

Children in Visp can undertake all their obligatory schooling within Visp. All information on school registration, structures and procedures can be found on the Visp Schools

Visp is Home to Schools and Educational Facilities Covering Various Fields Public schools (obligatory school years 1H – 11H) 1H – 8H (kindergarten…

Adult Education

Courses and contact

The adult education of the municipality of Visp offers various courses in the areas of hobbies, creativity, personal development, family and educational issues, exercise,

Info about course content Information about the course content is provided by the respective leader who is also responsible for the course content.

Secondary Schools

In addition to the compulsory schools, Visp is home to three different secondary schools. Here you will find all the important information about the BFO Berufsfachsule OW