208 Tax return 2022 made easy

Tips and tricks from a tax professional

When the tax return is due, many people sit in front of the documents at a loss. They are plagued by the feeling that they are giving away money in some places. Many forms, constant changes and many questions. You should not be left alone with this:

The proven tax expert Stefan Gehrig is here to help you in word and deed. He explains the tax return from item to item in an easy-to-understand manner, gives the best tips for saving on taxes and tricks for filling out the tax return using VSTax. During and after the presentation, Mr Gehrig will be available to answer individual questions. All participants will receive a free tax folder with guidebook.

Number of participants
mind. 10 - max. 50 Personen
Start date
Dienstag, 20.02.2024, 17.30-20.00 Uhr
Duration Lesson
ca. 2.5 Std.
Number of lessons
Registration deadline
Course costs
Fr. 50.00

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Management / Organiser

Stefan Gehrig,
eidg. dipl. Steuerexperte, Betriebsökonom FH (HWV) Mitglied von EXPERTsuisse


Ein Steuerordner mit einem Steuerratgeber wird am Ende der
Veranstaltung abgegeben.

Anmeldung unter: erwachsenenbildung@visp.ch

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