About Visp

Visp (in French: Viège; in Valais German: Fischp) is a political municipality in the Canton of Valais in Switzerland. It sits at the entrance of the Visp valley, where the Vispa river meets the Rhone. Our small city is the main town and largest municipality in the Visp region. [Copied from Wikipedia]


As per the end of June 2022: 8'217

  • Growth in the last 15 years (opening of NEAT) > 25%
  • Number of nationalities 75
  • Current large construction projects (around 300 apartments under construction or soon to be built)
  • Master plan for the zoning development of Visp
  • Wide variety of infant and after-school childcare services


Geographical Data

Lowest point: Riedertal, 641m
Highest point: Unner der wyssu Flüe, 1'587m
Visp Station: 651m
Area: 1,310 ha, of which 1,094 ha is productive land

Municipal Rates

Tax coefficient 1.1
Tax indexation 163%


Residents: 8'148 (as per 28 February 2022)
Enrolled voters: 5'130


Work places: 12'000 (of which Lonza: 5'000)
Commuters (inward): 7'000 per day
Small to medium enterprises (SME): approx. 700

Apprenticeships in Visp

Number of apprentices: 678
Companies offering training: 168
Occupations with apprentices in training: 92

Economic Hub

Visp is the economic centre of the Upper Valais

  • Work places approx. 12,000
  • Of which Lonza approx. 5,000
  • 700 SME approx. 7,000
  • commuters per day approx. 7,000 ➔ commuters from the entire Upper Valais, but also from the Lower Valais, Bernese Oberland, Northern Italy
  • There is currently a great demand for skilled workers
  • Regional community project Valais4you to acquire skilled workers
  • The Municipality of Visp owns 80% of BioArk Visp AG (foundation supporting start-ups and innovation projects)

Transport Hub

Public Transport

Rail junction Visp station

  • The Lötschberg Basis Tunnel (LBT) opened at the end of 2007
  • Passenger frequency per year approx. 4.5 million
  • Excellent direct connections: 
    • Bern 1 hour
    • Zurich, Basel, Geneva, Milan 2 hours
  • Expansion of the LBT has been approved by the Federal Parliament
  • Expansion of Visp station in planning


  • Under construction in the Upper Valais (portions already finished)
  • Visp bypass (8 km tunnel): Partial opening mid-2022, full opening mid-2024
  • Visp has three motorway exits

Shopping Centre

Shopping services for approx. 25,000 residents 

Leisure Activities

Over 100 active clubs

Broad range of leisure infrastructure in the town and nearby

  • The La Poste Culture and Congress Centre hosts high-quality cultural events
  • The new “Lonza Arena” ice-sport and event centre (capacity: 5,000 spectators)

Broad range of outdoor sporting options

  • Skiing
  • Mountain climbing / hiking
  • Mountain biking
  • Golf

Popular tourist centres in the vicinity:

  • Zermatt
  • Saas-Fee
  • Montana
  • Verbier
  • Leukerbad