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Important information on the new municipal savings day passes

Important information on the new municipal savings day pass, which has been valid since the beginning of 2023:

Abolition of the personal self-adhesive label

The change applies as of February 01, 2024

The Valais State Council has amended the ordinance on postal voting: The requirement for postal voters to affix their self-adhesive labels to the return sheet has been abolished.

Here you can find the information letter from the canton of Valais

Yes to the merger!

Baltschieder, Eggerberg and Visp are in favor of the merger.

Fact sheet "Batteries in electric cars"

In 2022, global demand for traction batteries amounted to 340 GWh, two thirds of which were installed in electric vehicles. According to estimates, demand will grow by a factor of 10 by 2030. But is an electric car really more sustainable than a combustion engine? How can the service life of a battery be extended and what happens at the end of its life? The factsheet "Batteries in electric cars" gets to the bottom of the most common questions about e-batteries.

Info from the town hall

Correct way to put out waste


Recently, the municipality has noticed more and more that the prepaid garbage bags, which are already provided for disposal the day before, are torn open overnight by animals and that waste is lying around in the surrounding area as a result.


School Vacation Plan has been updated

Find more Information here

Please note, the school vacation plan in the Vispinfo is outdated.

The 2023/2024 and 2024/2025 school and vacation schedules can be found here

Tiger mosquitoes - What to do?

In 2022, a spread of the tiger mosquito was detected in Monthey, even reaching the neighbouring municipality of Collombey-Muraz.

After spreading in several cantons since 2003, the tiger mosquito appeared on Valais territory for the first time in 2019. 

Report any suspicious presence at If these simple measures are followed, the possibility of the tiger mosquito becoming established in Valais will be greatly reduced and its spread delayed as much as possible.

Further information can be found at: info-tigermuecke.

It is particularly undesirable because, unlike native species, it is active during the day. In addition to the discomfort caused by its bites, this mosquito species can also transmit exotic diseases such as dengue fever, Zika and chikungunya.