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Correct way to put out waste


School Vacation Plan has been updated

Find more Information here

Please note, the school vacation plan in the Vispinfo is outdated.

Tiger mosquitoes - What to do?

In 2022, a spread of the tiger mosquito was detected in Monthey, even reaching the neighbouring municipality of Collombey-Muraz.

After spreading in several cantons since 2003, the tiger mosquito appeared on Valais territory for the first time in 2019. 

Report any suspicious presence at If these simple measures are followed, the possibility of the tiger mosquito becoming established in Valais will be greatly reduced and its spread delayed as much as possible.

Further information can be found at: info-tigermuecke.

Merger project Baltschieder - Eggerberg - Visp/Eyholz

The municipal councils of the three municipalities of Baltschieder, Eggerberg and Visp have spoken out in favour of the preparation of a basic report that examines the possibilities and potentials of a municipal merger and clarifies the framework conditions for its implementation.

Wasp control in the Visp region

In recent years, the number of fire brigade missions for wasp control has risen continuously. The average cost per mission is currently around CHF 114.

Up to now, the fire brigade's deployment costs were borne by the municipalities of the fire brigade region (Ausserberg, Eggerberg, Baltschieder and Visp). Only the material was charged to those concerned.

At the inter-communal fire commission meeting, it was therefore decided that the fire brigade's deployment costs for wasp control would in future be charged at a flat rate of CHF 100. The price includes a can of wasp spray.