Control measures for the Japanese beetle - also in Visp

The Federal Office for Agriculture orders control measures against the Japanese beetle in Upper Valais.

In order to facilitate the management of reports of golden yellowing, Japanese beetle and fire blight throughout the canton, the Department of Agriculture has introduced a reporting form that is available online, but also via the Survey123 app. In the foreseeable future, this form will become the only means of reporting certain harmful organisms, both for professionals and private individuals.

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The Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) has ordered control measures against the Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) in Upper Valais. It has defined an infestation zone and a buffer zone for this purpose. In August 2023, Japanese beetles were detected and trapped for the first time in the canton of Valais on the south side of the Simplon Pass and in the Zwischbergental valley. The Japanese beetle has probably migrated naturally from northern Italy. It has spread massively there in recent years. During the summer months, the adult Japanese beetle causes considerable damage to over 400 plant species, including vines and fruit trees. The larva (grubs) damages meadows and lawns in particular. It is classified as a priority quarantine organism and must therefore be reported and controlled.

You can find the press release from the Canton of Valais here.