Impairments / obstructions in the "Chatzuhüs" recreation area

As part of the "Vispa" flood protection project, the federal government and the canton of Valais have obliged the municipality to replace the "Vispa threshold" at the FOEN measuring station "Hohbrunnu" with a "fish passable block ramp" once the safety-related measures have been completed.

When implementing the necessary revitalization of the watercourse, one of the aims is to guarantee and ensure biological continuity for fish in the future.

The relevant work will begin at the start of November 2023 during the low water period and is expected to last until the end of March 2024.

We would like to inform the public that there may be disruptions and obstructions in the "Chatzuhüs" recreational area during this time due to the necessary construction site traffic.

If you have any questions, please contact Norbert Zuber, Head of Infrastructure & Environment at the municipality of Visp (