Replacing the avenue of trees in the "Parkji" with walnut trees

In recent times, strong gusts of wind have increasingly caused branches to break off the "ageing" avenue of trees along the footpath and the play areas in the "Parkji".

For safety reasons, the municipal council has therefore decided to cut down the trees and replace them with a new avenue of trees at the same time. The necessary work will be carried out at the end of October and beginning of November.

After a thorough evaluation of several possible tree species, the municipal council decided on walnut trees (Juglas regia). These have a light gray, deeply furrowed trunk, young branches and are gray-brown. After the leaves develop, the green male catkins (approx. 7 cm) and the smaller female flowers appear, which are grouped in clusters of 2 or 3. The green, almost round fruit has a smooth, initially still short, glandular hairy shell. The light brown tree nut is grooved and can be collected by children and park visitors in the summer months.