Wasp control in the Visp region

In recent years, the number of fire brigade missions for wasp control has risen continuously. The average cost per mission is currently around CHF 114.

Up to now, the fire brigade's deployment costs were borne by the municipalities of the fire brigade region (Ausserberg, Eggerberg, Baltschieder and Visp). Only the material was charged to those concerned.

At the inter-communal fire commission meeting, it was therefore decided that the fire brigade's deployment costs for wasp control would in future be charged at a flat rate of CHF 100. The price includes a can of wasp spray.

Procedure for wasps:

Leave wasps and their nests alone! A colony of wasps in the garden or on a tree does not pose a direct threat, at most they are a nuisance. With correct behaviour (covering food and drinks outdoors, no hasty movements) there is no danger for adults. Small children should not be left unattended. Caution is advised with ground nests in the lawn (wear shoes). If small children are threatened or if the nest is so close that adults also run the risk of being stung, and if the nest is visible and also easily accessible, it can also be rendered harmless by laypersons.

A wasp spray (approx. CHF 30.00) with comprehensive instructions for use can be obtained from drugstores, DIY stores or pharmacies.

Involvement of the fire brigade

If the threat is acute and the nest or nest entrance is not visible or difficult to reach (e.g. in the canopy, in the roller shutter box, etc.), the fire brigade can be called in at the following telephone number: +41 27 946 76 10 or via the emergency number: 118.

In accordance with the Commission's decision, however, a flat rate of CHF 100.00 (incl. 1 can of spray) must be paid.