Construction & Planning

"Building & Planning" consists of two departments of the municipality. One is the "Building, Transport and Spatial Planning" department, which focuses on settlement planning and building administration. The other sub-area consists of the "Building Construction, Sports and Public Works" department with the caretaker team.

Useful addresses

Valuation Commission

After completion of the construction work of the buildings, the cadastral valuation commission determines the tax value (cadastral value) of the property.

Daniel Pfaffen
President of the Cadastral Valuation Commission
Tel. 027 948 99 38

Energy consulting

As a regional contact point for energy issues, the Upper Valais Energy Advisory Service offers neutral and competent procedural advice in line with cantonal and federal energy policy.

Status request for construction dossier Canton Services

Here you have the opportunity to check the status of your building dossier if it is an application that falls under the jurisdiction of the Cantonal Building Commission (KBK) or for which the municipality, via the Cantonal Building Secretariat and Building Police, has requested an opinion from the competent cantonal bodies. Abfrage aktueller Baudossiers

GIS Visp

The portal provides access to the interactive maps and geodata of the Valais municipalities.

Forms and applications

To the planning application documents

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Building & Planning

Counter opening hours
Monday - Friday by arrangement
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Monday - Friday 8:00 – 12:00 | 13:30 – 17:00

Construction, transport and spatial planning

Spatial planning encompasses all topics relating to settlement and its qualities in the spatial context. Possible areas of activity include the dimensioning of building zones,


Construction management

The building administration is responsible for the management of the building office and the building secretariat with the handling of building applications and the issuing


Building construction, sports and management companies

The area of responsibility of "Building Construction, Sports and Public Services" lies in the construction, structural maintenance and operation of municipal properties. This



Regulations, neighbourhood plans and other documents