Fountain Master

The well masters are responsible for the operational safety of the water supply systems and for a good, functional supply of the population with hygienically safe drinking water.

Pumping stations

  • Katzenhaus submersible pumps: 70 l/s
  • Hohbrunnen submersible pumps: 40l/s

Water sources

  • Tuntscheta in Baltschiedertal: 3 intakes: 10 - 50l/s
  • Eyholz Burgerwald: 6 intakes: 1.4 - 1.5l/s


  • Eggerberg: 10l/s
  • Baltschieder: 10-40l/s

Water quality

  • Spring, summer, autumn: soft water 6-12°f (French hardness levels).
  • Winter: medium hard water 10-22°f


Cantonal Laboratory of Sion: The chemical composition of the water samples is normal. It complies with the requirements of the Swiss Food Act.


The capacity of all reservoirs corresponds to average daily consumption

Reservoirs Service water Extinguishing water Water quantity
Wasen 3'000 m3 500 m3 3'500 m3
Schlüsselacker 500 m3   500 m3
Kropfji 500 m3 300 m3 800 m3
Eyholz 200 m3 200 m3 400 m3

Total: 5'200 m3

Water supply data

Pipeline network 80 km
Hydrants 227
House meter 1100

Tasks, responsibility and contact

Sections: Infrastructure and environment
Tasks: Pipe burst, Water supply, Fountain Master

Fountain Master

Infrastructure and environment

027 - 948 99 26


René Bellwald

Fountain Master

Stefan Walker

Chief workyard
Mobile phone