Guiding principles

With the mission statement, the municipality positions its impact both internally and externally. The mission statement expresses the goals, directions and measures with regard to the long-term development of the municipality of Visp.


On a sound financial basis, the municipality of Visp provides its population and economy as a service provider with the necessary infrastructure in good condition and actively participates in the solution of regional tasks.

Administration / Personnel / Finances

Administration / Personnel

As a citizen-oriented public enterprise, a motivated administration provides its services to the population in a competent, efficient and appropriate manner and ensures transparent information.


The municipality of Visp fulfils its tasks with a targeted and economical use of financial resources, a stable debt development and an attractive tax burden.

Public safety

The municipality ensures the objective security and the subjective sense of security of the population with targeted measures in planning, prevention and deployment.


The municipality of Visp maintains and promotes the high quality of the schools. It supports the "Schools of the Visp Region" and ensures a broad range of education and further training.

Culture / Leisure / Youth / KK La Poste


The municipality of Visp considers the preservation, promotion and communication of cultural creation to be a binding public duty.


As important economic and image factors, the municipality of Visp promotes and preserves both leisure activities and inter- and socio-cultural structures.


With open and outreach youth work, as well as with the creation of needs-based open spaces, the municipality gives youth the opportunity to shape their activities in society in a responsible and self-confident manner.

KK La Poste

Visp successfully runs the KK La Poste, positions it supra-regionally and manages the centre as a meeting place for artists and those interested in culture, for organisers and exhibitors as well as for all sections of the population.

Structural Engineering / Sport / Directorates

Structural Engineering

The municipality ensures the preservation of the value and substance of the public properties in administration, security, education, culture & leisure and provides for the realisation of the urgently needed new facilities.


Maintaining, promoting and teaching sporting activities contribute to a healthy community.


With targeted and appropriate support from the municipality, the operating companies can fulfil their function and provide important public services.

Health / Social Security


The municipality ensures basic socio-medical care for the population and, due to demographic developments, attaches appropriate importance to old age through a future-oriented old-age policy.

Social Security

The municipality of Visp guarantees its residents the necessary help and support if they are dependent on it due to their life situations. As a regionally important place of work, Visp as a centre supports and promotes childcare outside the family as well as other social security measures.

Construction / Transport / Spatial Planning


Within the scope of the financial possibilities, the development infrastructures for drinking water and sewage as well as roads and squares are renewed, the cleanliness of the public places is ensured and the townscape is promoted.


The preservation of an intact environment is taken into account with the community's own possibilities.

Economy / Location marketing / Energy

Economy / Location marketing

In cooperation with the business community, the municipality creates optimal conditions for an attractive, competitive and environmentally compatible residential and business location in Visp.


As an energy town, Visp ensures a broad-based and affordable energy supply that is primarily oriented towards renewable energies.