Municipal Court

Mediation and reconciliation sessions

The judges and their deputies are elected every four years and are sworn in by the district judge, who is their supervisory authority. The municipal judge is assisted by a court clerk who has legal training and has an advisory vote. Conciliation is the most important activity of the municipal judge. Unless otherwise provided by law, civil proceedings shall be initiated by holding a conciliation meeting before the municipal judge.

Scope of action of municipal judges

If no conciliation can be reached, the competences of the municipal judge are limited. At the request of the complaining party, the municipal judge may instruct and decide on property disputes with a value in dispute of up to CHF 2,000. In property disputes with an amount in dispute of up to CHF 5,000, the municipal judge may make a proposal for a judgement, but the parties do not have to accept it.

In addition, the municipal judge has several competences in the area of voluntary jurisdiction. In particular, he or she is responsible for the opening of wills and inheritance contracts, measures to secure the estate (inventory and sealing of inherited property) and the issuing of the certificate of inheritance.

Appealable judgments of the municipal judge shall be referred to the cantonal court.


The first instance is always the municipal court.

Gemeinde Visp
Postfach 191
3930 Visp

If no conciliation can be reached

Bezirkgsgericht Visp
St. Martiniplatz 5
3930 Visp
Tel.   027 - 607 82 70
Fax   027 - 607 82 74

The magistracy of the municipality

Responsible for

  • Disputes
  • Opening of wills, inheritance and marriage contracts
  • Preparation of certificates of inheritance

Not responsible for

  • Rental matters
  • Matrimonial matters
  • Labour law
  • Public law matters


Christoph Müller

Residential address

Christoph Müller
3930 Visp

Sylvie Kummer-Ming

Deputy judge
Residential address

3930 Visp