Regional police

The Visp Regional Police is responsible for maintaining public safety, peace and order within the framework of the legal basis and the police regulations. It carries out security, traffic and administrative police ta

The regional police can be reached by telephone on +41 27 948 99 45, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year; operational readiness is guaranteed around the clock in close cooperation with the other regional police corps of the Upper Valais.

Festivals and occasions

Parties and events must be approved by the municipality. For this purpose, an application to hold the event must be submitted to the Visp Regional Police.  The application must be submitted together with a comprehensive safety concept and must comply with the "Label Fie

Stand actions

A written application (date, time, place, aim of the action) must also be submitted to the Visp Regional Police for approval of stand actions. This can be submitted by letter or by e-mail.

We point out in the authorisation in each case that:

  • passers-by may neither be stopped nor harassed.
  • neither cash may be collected nor deposit slips handed in.
  • the site must be cleaned up after the event and any rubbish disposed of.
  • The passage in case of emergency (rescue axis) must be guaranteed.

Operating licence

The granting of the operating licence is subject to the law on accommodation, catering and the retail trade in alcoholic beverages: 

The following documents are required for the application for an operating licence:

  • Application form in duplicate (form can be accessed via the link above)
  • Criminal record extract, issued within the month prior to the application (order on the internet at or at the post office counter)
  • Confirmation of the obligatory examination (landlord's licence) or professional recognition of the canton
  • Extract from the commercial register, issued within the last 3 months before the application, if the applicant is registered in the commercial register or works for a company subject to registration.
  • Excerpt from the debt collection register of the applicant's place of residence, issued within the last 3 months before the application is submitted.
  • Certificate of capacity to act, issued within the last 3 months prior to the application (to be requested from the child and adult protection authority)


  1. Receipt and review of the application for an operating licence.
  2. Advertisement of the application in the official gazette (30 days).
  3. If there are no objections, the application is submitted to the municipal council.
  4. The operating licence is only issued after the decision of the municipal council.

Lost and Found

The lost property office is the responsibility of the Visp Regional Police.

If the lost property can be clearly identified, the owner will be contacted immediately.

If the lost property cannot be mediated, the finder will be notified after 5 years that the item can be collected.

Loss and theft reports

If you wish to report a loss or theft, you can do so at the cantonal police station.

Tasks, responsibility and contact

Sections: Security
Tasks: Patent system/granting, Lost and Found, Dog tax, Patrolling / Prevention, Report writing and advertisements, Parking management, Review and preparation of operating licences, Checking and preparing permits for festivals and events, Dog owner administration

Visp Regional Police

St. Martiniplatz 1 
3930 Visp
Telephone: +41 27 948 99 45


Daniel Bürki

Head of Department Public Security / Regional Police

Heinz Schmid

Police Constable

Roger Sewer

Police Corporal

Stefan Kalbermatten

Police Corporal

Damian Schmidt


Larissa Zanoni


Aurelia Andenmatten

Police Constable

Istvan Stucky

Police Security Assistant (PSA)

Irma Domig

Administrator Police

Guido Imboden

Fire department commander

Christian Pfaffen

Staff Officer/Deputy Commander

Ellen Schlegel

Safety Officer