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Waste & Recycling

Collection and Transport of Waste and All Types of Recyclables

Not everything belongs in landfill. Many materials can be recycled and reused, others must be disposed of specifically to prevent damage to people and the environment.

Disposing of waste properly The Municipality of Visp provides a comprehensive waste disposal service. So that disposal functions smoothly, the municipality relies…

District Heating in Visp

Since operation and management of the district heating network were transferred to local company EnAlpin AG in 2013, today the two district heating networks are operated by

Services in Visp Visp Centre Since 1992, the…

Forms and building applications

Under this heading, our forms from the area of construction and the current building applications of the municipality of Visp are published. During the period of publication

For questions or additional information If you have any…

Rental of communal facilities / La Poste

The basis for the use of municipal facilities is the "Operating regulations for the use of municipal facilities"

General provisions The fixed fees apply to one event/one occasion or one use and also include the ancillary costs, i.e. the costs for electricity, water and cleaning;…

SBB Day Pass

Unrestricted travel throughout Switzerland

The Municipality of Visp will have 5 SBB day passes (2nd class) available from the 1st of July. Please note the conditions of the Municipality of Visp below.

Good to know From 1 April 2023 to 30 June 2023, the municipality…