New vehicle exhibition in Visp

Important information

The managers of the Lonza Arena cancel Neuwa 2022.

Last year, the NEUWA exhibition for new cars in Upper Valais was held for the first time in the new Lonza Arena and also for the first time in September, instead of in spring. Due to the lower number of visitors, the participating garage owners suggested that the 2022 exhibition should ideally take place again in spring, preferably in March. Unfortunately, this wish of the garage owners cannot be met, as — due to the ice hockey play-off championship — the hall is not available at this time.

In the NEUWA committee, the garage owners have therefore taken up an idea, which had already been discussed earlier, of holding an "open door weekend" in their own companies as a supplement to the NEUWA exhibition.

Due to the current uncertain economic situation, the NEUWA organisation, together with the garage owners' committee, has agreed to cancel this year's NEUWA in the spring at the Lonza Arena. In their place, a joint "Open Door Weekend" will be held in the respective companies this year. In the summer of 2022, a joint conclusion will be drawn and the implementation of NEUWA 2023 in the Lonza Arena will be discussed.